In the realm of Web3 and decentralized applications, smart contracts serve as a fundamental concept. However, the proliferation of diverse blockchains brings forth a plethora of technologies for smart contract implementation. Enter the Blockchain Abstraction Layer (BAL), a powerful solution designed to unravel and simplify this intricate landscape.

The smart contract operates within the blockchain's consensus model, ensuring that the actions processed and data stored always converge for all nodes participating in the blockchain consensus and tracking the contract's state. Generally, different blockchain protocols use different semantics for their operations, meaning that although they provide largely the same functionalities, one smart contract code implementation can only target one blockchain protocol, and must be rewritten to target a different protocol.

Blockchain Abstraction Layer creates an abstracted interface for essential smart contract operations which are similar across many blockchain protocols. This allows a single smart contract implementation to target the BAL interface, enabling the same contract code to compile and execute on all blockchain protocols supported by the BAL.The essential operations that the BAL abstracts for contracts include:

1) Defining smart contract Actions which users invoke to interact with the contract
2) Storing persistent data processed by the contract as Tables within the blockchain database
3) Logging contract status and debugging information, and cleanly handling error conditions

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Let's imagine you are investor and looking for investment opportunity. If you find a look attractive project what do you evaluate first? Roadmap status, budget allocation, the readiness for commercialization?

BAL TRL Tracker allows you to get transparency and evidence of technology development process based on blockchain proofing.The TRL system uses a scale from 0 to 9 to assess the maturity of a technology: from idea to commercial use. The time required to progress through each TRL level can vary widely depending on multiple factors, such as the complexity of the technology, the availability of funding and resources, the regulatory requirements, and the specific industry. It can range from a few months to several decades.

You don't miss a moment with BAL TRL Tracker! On the each TRL state BAL TRL Tracker enables to monitor status: project planning, budget control, research result evaluation, deliverables reviews and TRL update. Moreover, you can track an interesting project on the different blockchains.