IP F-NFTs are used in the Tech Transfer Network to tokenize technology assets on the blockchain.

For each technology asset or bucket/pool of intangible assets, it is possible to issue an IP F-NFT and distribute it among multiple holders. IP F-NFT has a set of operations to perform with this token and with the underlying assets. Each operation can have a separate governance mechanism. Usually, governance of IP F-NFT and underlying technology assets is performed using DAOs or individual accounts in the network. Simple DAO can be implemented as a multi-signature account with a votes threshold required to perform the operation. Various other DAO governance models can be implemented and plugged in.

The revenue in Tech Transfer is generated from selling the licensing rights to third parties and from curation fees. Thus, it makes possible to automate the distribution of royalties between token holders. For each royalty distribution transaction, a network fee is paid and further distributed between the Ecosystem Fund and Yield farmers.

Network participants can stake related tokens on a specific IP F-NFTs segment farm yield of underlying intangible assets.

Network participants can stake DeTech Token on a specific IP F-NFTs segment farm yield of underlying technology assets resulting to high APYs.

You can also receive a loan on the early stage of your research by locking related IP as collateral. Collatarization ratio is defined according to your tech segment and can be improved with improving your credit history saved in the blockchain metadata.

Thus, new markets of synthetic tech assets with high liquidity are born.