Open Research and Innovation Platform

A digital platform to support your open research and innovation activities. We offer technological solution for IP commercialization

There is a huge potentialof innovation and technology

That offers the chance to solve big societal problems in healthcare, urban mobility and other issues. Governments around the world are stepping up their involvement and investments in this sector. Efficient evaluation of IP/intangible assets can be the most dramatic advantage.

Innovative companies are the drivers of economic growth.

IP is the most valuable assets.

Amount of investments in deep tech is rapidly growing.


Open Research and Innovation Platform

Accelerate innovation through collaboration

Solution provides options to:

Get assessment of complex projects with the network intelligence

Solution provides options to:

Facilitate private and public funding of R&D projects

Solution provides options to:

Increase the number of revenue streams for all collaborators

Solution provides options to:

Track impact

Solution provides options to:


Who is it for?

We provide a white-label solution that empowers to:


Advance quality and efficiency

Enable organic funding

Our clients:


Increase efficiency of your corporate research


Mobilize innovation within the region or country


Manage and track the performance of conducted research projects

Modular architecture

Refers to the design of a system composed of separate components that can be connected together.

Benefits of modular architecture:
  • all modules are interchangeable

  • feature scalability

  • a cost-effective way of feature development

  • support for the “drag-and-drop” approach to building products

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Turnkey solution

Customizable web, desktop and mobile applications, wallet, block explorer, admin panel.

Fundraising plan and materials (pitch deck, one pager & etc).

Regulation compliance framework and legal agreements.

Business and go-to-market consultancy.

API connection to the Open Innovation Network.

We are available and focused on finding uncommon approaches and solutions to serve your needs.

Open Innovation Network

All platforms are interconnected and can benefit from resources and success of each other.

Things like funding opportunities, peer review can be shared and reused by a community of network participants.

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